Monday, February 2, 2009

Two in a day, I am getting back to form

I just found out Resident Evil 5 (in demo form) is on PSN starting today, so that will eat up most of my after-work time tonight. That's a shot from the game (courtesy of Joystiq), isn't Chris Redfield dreamy? Sheva is pretty attractive as well, but I swoon for some Redfield arms! I even went to GameStop over lunch and preordered the game, I'm so excited. The collector's edition (with figurines and bags and such) to boot!

I gave Ben the choice of a sausage and pepper frittata or fried chicken for dinner, and fried chicken won out. I'm gonna look up some recipes and see if I can find a baked version so I don't feel bad eating like 4 drumsticks. And if we go to the gym tonight, I don't want to negate any of the calories/fat burned by scarfing down on some bad-for-me breading.

This past weekend, I had an OCD, I'm-not-on-meth-but-may-as-well-be cleaning session in the house. Christmas decorations were taken down, the floor was swept and mopt, the ceiling was vacuumed, the bathroom was scrubbed down. Now all I can think about is how dirty the rest of the house is in comparison. Next on the list? The office. It's in need of a really good vacuuming and dusting. I also need to clean out my desk and the filing cabinet and *maybe* the closet too, we'll see. After that, our walk-in. My clothes, especially t-shirts, need to be gone through and any unwanted items need dropped off at Goodwill.

Also, Heroes is back tonight, but I find myself not all that excited. Obviously, I'm more excited about RE5!

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Beckett said...

Woot! Another daily stop on my internet rounds! Yeah, get back into it! Good job on getting the decorations down. We need to go on a WF date sometime! Yum, I am salivating thinking about it.