Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Crush

Well, the holidays are over. I had a really good Christmas this year, got lots of fun stuff like a new Food Processor and a little Acer NetBook from Ben, various video games, a cool rip-apart Zombie plushie and some cash, as well as other fun stuff.
Christmas day was a blizzard, but my mom, dad and brother stopped by for festivities (soup and vegetable tray and my dad brought his snow blower and cleaned our driveway for us). Ben's mom and aunt weren't able to make it, so we got in Ben's 4-wheel drive Jeep and drove down to his mom's place for Christmas. She got us new office chairs, which we literally loaded on sleds and slid them down the snow-filled stairs to the car.
For New Years Eve, we went to HuHot with our friends Becky and Kevin. I wasn't that impressed, to be honest. I usually eat at Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill down in Kansas City when I visit BenW, and I LOVE that place, so I couldn't help but compare the two and GKMG wins, hands down. Afterwards, Becky and Kevin came over and we just hung out and chatted about nothing until the new year rang. Ben went to bed shortly after, and Becky was tuckered so she and Kevin left fairly early as well. But it was fun and low key, which is usually how I like to roll.
On New Years day (night) we went over to our friend's Jason and Meagan's new house and had a game night with various yummy food (the Amazing White Trash Puff Balls truly were amazing) and fun games (A-Z was fun, I won my very first game of Settlers of Katan [of which I've played before, but never won] and played Things [which is more fun with more people])
Saw a couple of movies over the break. Sherlock Holmes was pretty good, and I thought it was funny that I didn't figure out the twist which should have been very obvious but in the context of the movie was very hard to realize. Avatar in 3d was also really good, a lot better than I expected it to be, but I didn't have any expectations so it made it all the more awesome when it did turn out to be as great as everyone said it was.
The snow has been crazy! Our driveway hasn't been devoid of snow since early December, which is odd since we haven't had any significant snowfall around the holidays since I was a kid. If I had a sled, I probably would have more fun outside, but I don't, so I haven't.
The coming year has quite a few video games to play (thanks to Christmas). I finally finished Bowser's Inside Story last night, so I can start playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks that my bro got me for Christmas. I also got the first Uncharted game (since I played the second one first and loved it, I asked for the first one and look forward to more of cutie Nathan Drake and his treasure hunting), and the God of War collection (which BenW wants me to play since he knows I'll pick up the upcoming third title when it's released). Lastly, I received Rock Band 2, so hopefully more Rock Band nights will happen in 2010.

I don't have any New Year's Resolutions this year. I'd like to quit smoking, I'd like to go to the gym more often, and I'd like to get more done on the house. But I guess we'll see how that turns out as the year progresses.