Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Somewhat busy weekend

This weekend was a pretty good one. Although we didn't do our separate movie plan on Friday (He was going to see Shopaholic, I was going to see Friday the 13th) because of the snow, the rest of the weekend was quite fun, including Valentine's Day! Ben enjoyed his gifts, and felt bad that he wasn't able to get me anything as great as he did last year.
We had a wonderful sushi dinner at Sakura Bana (with pretty much every hipster kid in Omaha). I even tried "real" sushi, rather than California Rolls. They were called Tijuana Rolls, and had cilantro, tuna and pickled jalapeno, with the rice and seawead. They were good, I was suprised I couldn't even taste the fish.
We also bought a new dishwasher from the Mart (which is being delivered today), had some coffee at Barnes and then swung through World Market and got a vase and a pretty snazzy new candleholder for the bathroom.

On Sunday, I downloaded PixelJunk Monsters (a tower defense game with pigmis, I guess) and we've been playing that quite a bit. It's nice to have a game that we can both enjoy.

I started back up on Dead Space last night too, and am halfway through Chapter 2. I normally don't get freaked out too easily, but I can't play that game for long periods of time alone in the dark, otherwise I think there are things crawling on the ceiling or hiding in my cupboards, waiting to grab me, heh. Fun game though, and it'll keep me busy until RE5 comes out.

My manager accepted my leave request for the beginning of March, and I can't wait to see Watchmen in KC! On IMAX!


Beckett said...

Tell Ben not to waste his money, Confessions of a Shopaholic is junk! Glad you had a great weekend. Have fun on your KC weekend:)

Anonymous said...

have you seen Friday the 13th yet?

Anonymous said...

Do you write any more?