Monday, February 2, 2009

New Year Resolution, a month late

One of my new year's resolutions was to get back on the blogging bandwagon, something I haven't been riding since about 2 years ago. I just kind of fell off the map. A friend said my old blog was like "a season finale of a show that may or may not have been cancelled." And I totally get what he means. I just stopped posting, the prospect didn't have as much appeal to me as it once did. That said, I've noticed my writing skills have gotten seriously rusty, and realized that maybe blogging on the daily was not only letting me vent, but also keeping my writing/grammar/etc skills in tune.
So here I am, back again.

I guess, since this is my "new season" I should do one of those montage-y "previously on" things they usually do. So, in no particular order:

-Got together with a boy that I fancied
-Procured another cat
-Purchased a Wii, and more recently received a PS3 from the bf for Christmas
-Bought a house
-Still working, only as a Web site tester instead of a business editor
-Became obsessed with Rachael Ray in general and cooking in particular
-Celebrated my 9th anniversary at Barnes and Noble and my 3rd at info

That's about up to where I'm at now. As for this blog, I know it's fun sometimes to have a particular bent and then that keeps the posting coming, but I don't really have anything interesting that happens regularly for me to really make that mission statement yet. So until I figure out what that is, or if I really have/need one, this journal will be just like the last one, filled with stupid anecdotes, life happenings, the occasional meme and maybe something that's actually worth reading.

Until next time.

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