Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Vince and I had a ghost hunting adventure last night that was a total bust. We tried finding two places in Bellevue (Jewell Park and Bellevue Cemetery) but couldn't seem to find either one. Disheartened, we headed to Papillion to the Papillion Cemetery on Giles and it was total lamesauce. It's up on a hill overlooking 84th street and Giles, so it was brightly lit and noisy because of the traffic. I took some pictures though to see if we could get any spots, but nothing showed up in the viewscreen. Maybe something will pop-up when I upload them to my PC later.
We headed towards midtown and stopped at Bohemian Cemetary and found the creepiness. Lots of graves with creepy stone gollums/women and it was dark, which helped with the ambiance. We tried using my Ouija board on one of the graves, but nothing was happening. One last stop at Lynch Park for nothing more than an out-of-batteries camera and a rabbit making noise, and the haunted Omaha trip was dunzo.
It was definitely a lot of fun, if just for something different to do. Ben was kinda miffed because I didn't invite him on the "adventure", but I just figured he'd be too scared to go or that it wouldn't interest him. Next time I will know better!

And, I let Vince borrow the Ouija board for his own creepy house, and apparently something happened because his lights went out. And his roommate threw a fit about it being in the house. Some people are so small minded, for sure.


Joshua said...

Just FYI, most cemetaries don't have ghosts. The spirits are usually found where they died, not where they're buried. Omaha is supposed to have a lot of haunted houses and other spots though. You should research any accidents on bridges or near water. Those are the best places, they hold energy better since they are border lines.

Ghaknar said...

Yeah, I figured we wouldn't find anything, but the creepiness factor appealed to me. The parks were more likely, but they didn't turn up anything tangible either.
Next time we'll shoot for bridges/near water. Thanks for the tip!

heat said...

You don't know me, but if you ever ever do this again message me and I will totally come with.